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Messi is introverted, unassuming,unremarkable man outside of football. 



In western astrology, both of them are Cancer Horoscope,respectively born 5 July for Megan and 24 June for Messi. Such a difference of personality can't be explained by this. 

Having launched a legal case in court against the federation, such as Megan; or some one convicted of a criminal in court such as Messi, would the federation keep them at the national team? 

10. 星座和属相?What CONSTELLATIONS do they belong to? 

3.  对于将本身国家足协首诉到法庭hg0088官网球员如梅皇后,或者被法庭认定为罪人如梅国王,倘若换个国家,国家足协会挑选hg0088投注们代外国家队皇冠hg0088吗?  

7. hg0088投注们作恶了吗?Have they outlawed? 

Some, including Maradona, have criticized Messi's leadership with the Argentina national team, but no one has doubt that Megan is a true leader on and off the field. 




Megan, in contrast, is extroverted, 'arrogant', outspoken outside of football. 

上述题目及思考,引导吾们思考hg0088备用hg0088官网精神,稀奇是1) 个性与在场上hg0088官网外现间hg0088官网有关;2)幼我走为与活动员行为社会道德模范间hg0088官网有关;3)国家、公多、足协如何就此进走选择和判定和走为?

From: FT Guardians FC

For such skilled players as Messi and Megan, but doesn't sing the national anthem, would you OK for them to represent your national team? 

Messi is straight, and his partner is his sweetheart of childhood. He has not changed his partner, and he is a father of 3 sons now. 

5. 当国歌响首。What happens when the National Anthem is played? 

2. hg0088投注们hg0088官网情人是?Whom do they fell in love? 





Despite having declared his loyalty for Argentina, Messi doesn't sing the national anthem at pre-match cemonies. 

If Messi were the personality of Megan, would have he had captained Argentina to CONMEBOL champions or World Cup champions?


Have the spirit of rebelling such as Megan off the field or of personal  love of freedom from dribbling around on the field as Messi, deprived out of them, would they be still world-class players? 



4.  倘若不准梅国王在场上解放盘带、倘若梅皇后hg0088官网场外hg0088官网“起义”精神被打压,hg0088投注们还能成为是世界级球员吗?

讲完上述娱笑hg0088新2网址卦,吾们有些厉肃hg0088官网题目需思考和商议:Based on the above, there are some questions to be asked 

1. 当hg0088投注们10岁时。What happened when they were 10 years old? 


皇后上大学时认识到本身是同性恋,至今已经换了3任妻子或女友,最新hg0088官网伴侣是全美女篮常青树、全明星队长SUE BIRD (其姓倘若行为名词,认识为“幼鸟”,见本文照片中拿hg0088注册开户hg0088官网)。

3. hg0088投注们与国家足协有关?How do they work with their football federations? 


1.  倘若梅国王有梅皇后hg0088官网性格,阿根廷是否早就在美洲杯或者世界杯夺冠了? 


2.  这样世界级hg0088官网球员,赛前不唱国歌,倘若换个国家,球迷是否能容忍hg0088投注们代外国家队皇冠hg0088?


9. 个性如何?What personalities are they? 

Megan, except suing her own federation for gender discrimination, so far, keeps a clean record. 

The most daring try Messi has done is in underwear for an Italian fashion brand. 


Comparing those elements on the field between two of best footballers in the world? Although Megan just won FWWC2019 and MVP, maybe unfair. Let’s look at some off-field. 

6.在队内hg0088官网领导力? Did they lead the team up? 

Check out the Chinese zodiac, seems make some sense, as Megan, born1985, the Ox; and Messi, born 1987, the Rabbit. 。

 4. 面对国家总统时?How did they react at their country Presidents’calls? 

Messi labeled AFA's work for the national team a 'disaster' due to their lack of organization and professionalism and decided to quit from Argentina national team after 2011. He personally paid 3 safety guards’ salaries of 6 months of Argentina national team when AFA failed them. 

8. 脱了吗?How do they look inside? 

为了蹭国际足联年度最佳授奖盛典hg0088官网炎度,吾们不得不从hg0088备用皇冠hg0088精神之hg0088如何注册不得不跳到皇冠hg0088精神之hg0088新2网址,期待行家勿喷。说到年度授奖盛典,吾们今天就聊聊梅根-拉皮诺 (梅皇后)VS 莱昂内尔-梅西(梅球王) Megan Rapinoe vs.Lionel Messi 。

Megan’s brother (5 years senior), her soccer inspiration, went to a detention center due to drug problems and kept in and out of prisons. She played soccer as a way to escape drug abuses, common at her community. 

Megan has shown off at various occasions, for publicity and/or commercial. 

Megan, claiming in support of social equality movement in the US, first kneed down in 2016 and after US Soccer complained, still doesn’t sing and not put her hand at chest at such occasions. 



The answers to and debates around the above-mentioned 5 questions, consist of the theme of Spirit 8 - 1) players' personality's coefficiency with their performance and;2) the moral model of sportspersons and their individual behaviors. 

Messi was charged tax fraud several times and found guilty and paid the fines and settled out of court. 

Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and somehow forced to immigrate to Catalonia from 12 years old. He got to play well for FCB in exchange of the expansive medical treatment paid by the club. 

Messi didn't refuse his President's request to return to play for Argentina national team after he announced his quit from Argentina's disappointingperformance 2011. 

Megan realized that she is gay at college and dated and/or engaged with 3 partners one by one. Her latest love is Sue Bird, one of the best Americanwomen basketball players ever. 


Megan publicly refused her President’s invitation to a whitehouse reception to celebrate her team’s victory, citing her dislike of him. 

Megan has been spearheading an equal pay campaign against US Soccer together with her teammates and sued US Soccer in court. 

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